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This software is amazing.. I have decided to use File Mender after expereminting weeks on the PC maintnance software packages.

-Edward Jacob
This software is one of the best I have installed on my system. It has sorted out all file association problems pestering my PC!

-Dionne Smith
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What is File Mender?
File Mender is the tool you will ever need to open any type of file. File Mender comes handy in fixing invalid file associations and works well on any file format. No matter your file has an unknown or missing 'file extension'. File Mender takes no time in identifying what the file extension exactly is and what program you can use to run the file.
How does it work?
File Mender is backed up by an extensive database that analyzes the file extension of any particular file to suggest a relevant software application that can be best used to open the file. You can, then, download the required software with the help of File Mender.
Salient Features of File Mender
Fix invalid file associations
Find & download compatible software to open any file
Works on more than 1500 types of file extensions
Open unknown email attachments
Find and repair missing file associations
Manage different types of files on a single PC
Works even on archive & compressed files
These factors gradually build up issues with your windows registry
Frequent installation and un-installation of programs and hardware
Incomplete installations and un-installations of program and hardware
Drivers that are corrupt, redundant or unused
Frequent installation and un-installation of programs and hardware
Get maximum throughput through File Mender
You click a file and it opens in spur of a moment. This is what you expect from your system. File Mender makes it possible through its ultramodern technology. File Mender is designed to handle all kinds of files and software applications; and it can make PC operation efficient and more effective for you as a PC user.
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